"Consider now, for the Lord has chosen you to build a house for the sanctuary; be courageous and act.”

— 1 Chronicles 28:10

Elevation Building Campaign

As we reflect on all that God has done and pray for a home for His sanctuary, will you prayerfully consider how God would lead you to participate in this next step for our church.
Will you make a giving pledge above and beyond your normal tithes and offerings over the next two years to help us continue our ministry here in Davis county.

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About the Campaign

We have been leasing property at the Lakeside mall complex for over 11 years. This past year the property sold and plans are to develop the property into over 380 apartments. Construction is now slated to begin in June of 2023.

Our committee has been working hard to locate a new place for us to meet. We have been fortunate to be paying  $8200 per month for 30000 sq ft. Comparable spaces are more than $24000 a month. Our search has developed a dual focus. First, Locating a temporary home for our church beginning this April while continuing to look for a permanent home for Elevation Church.
Elevation's leadership is committed to developing our long term home here in Davis County. We have been strategically located close to the air base and an area that does not have many churches. We are praying specifically for a location within three miles of our current home at the Lakeside complex in Clearfield Utah.
New construction costs sit at over $240 a square ft. A 15000 sq foot building would cost between 6-7 million dollars. The lowest prices for current leasable space is over $24000 a month. We are committed to an economical solution that makes the best use of our resources. We have set a goal to raise 2 million dollars over the next two years to give us capital to make a move as the market shifts and things become available. Our main purpose and goal is to continue building disciples and Christ’s Kingdom around the world

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